About us

Welcome to my website! 


I just want to share a little bit about myself and the idea about Mindy’s Makes renamed to Elle & Me Handmade and our Love From Nanna Collection!


I’m a young mum of a beautiful little girl who moved 12 hours away from her family to start her own. Some days it’s been hard not having my family close by to help with my daughter. Especially when it came to finding work, as daycare isn’t 24/7. 

Being at home with a toddler all week, while her dad works long hours got me thinking.... ‘what can I do to try and work and provide for my family while still being at home and not worrying about who can help mind Ellie if she can’t go to daycare?’

And that has now lead me to this! 

Opening up a website filled with my handmade crafts from cotton bows, floral hair accessories and wall decorations.

My product list is expanding, and even convincing my mum to use her own talents and create her own collection has payed off! We will see a range of items in our Lovefromnanna collection, from clothing to Manchester and even some toys eventually! 


My Makes and the love from a Nanna bring you all these amazing products. 

We hope you all love and enjoy these items as much as we have enjoyed making them! 

Filled with love, from a Mum and a Nan, all for our family.